The Kings Hand

The Beginning of the End
First Days

2/2/2013 all party members have purchased a quality heavy war horse and visited the tailor to disguise armors as regular clothing and made a deal with the guide Natsu for a full share in party loot to join the party. the party is ready to depart inland.

1/20/12013 PM ship has landed, Lim is in the care of the church of Bahamut god of justice,protection and nobility in the city of Myr in the East lands.

Note the ship used for the narrow sea crossing is the Martin.

Party is currently out aboutblut in Myr currently at the magic swherehare Lucius has just made a deal on a protection item for 30kjewelrywery.

no exp this game sessiSee… se ye at the next wake! HAHAH

1/20/2013 146 am…The Ship has landed…..and everyone is still aboard. Lim is in a coma, Crimson has found a new sword that is awesome, and the Capitan of the boat is happy and toasting to another successful crossing of the narrow sea(this time a bit ahead of schedule). 3000 experience each.

Finally made it to the boat and gained 1900 exp. Congratulations Justin for saving the party…this doesn’t happen every day!

6900 exp…the assault om the rogues guild was sloppy and lucky, however the players estimate they killed half of the guild (lower half) and claimed 280 GP as well as the return of their associate Miri. They did return to Kings landing with the use of their candy gold coins and have yet to make it to the ship to cross the narrow sea. They did meet a new party member, a elf female named Icecoldcrystals. She is a sorcerer.

After an attack in the standoff with the suspected thief, Miri has been accidental teleported into the spiders lair and is currently in bear form digging under a cell door of bars and stone. 2860 exp to party this trip. A dead on head shot instantly killed the suspected thief in the tree however the armor and cloak he was wearing was destroyed by Miri’s Bear. The party makes plans to go to Bronzegate.

The party has started its trip to the port city and currently has a suspected thief in a tree surrounded…or so they think….

In the morning the assignments for the realm will be given at 7am in the morning at the royal guard tower office.
*The thief has been found and returned within 4 hours. The Lanaster family is pleased.
*Find the missing thief Jacca Denzil and return at least his head if dead, preferred alive for public humiliation

*Osman Defeatsaccidental accidently kildefeats tapm defoutttap out-outy tapout
*Lucius defeats pontonious in non lethal combat then starts a fight with a Baratheon off duty mid level guard named Jed and the fight is broken up by the Hound.
*Lucius defeats Vermont the fighter of no House
*Osman Defeats Lim in archery
*Osman defeats Black Blue in Sorc Ring
*Lucius Defeats Osman in final combat ring. ( a sneaky bet placed and 4200 gp won)

  • Lim looses his Hand Cross Bow to a pick pocket that saw him Subordinateof Lubettingtingtake his beting ticket

Through the lands, notices have been placed calling for any and all adventures, slayers, purveyors of justice, scholars and men of knowledge wising to serve the realm for profit of self, for their House or Order to report to kings landing upon this day. Trials and test will be given and the chosen few may win the favor of the King and a large chest of coin if they survive and serve.

You all have found your way here. The reasons may be of your own accord, sent or volunteered by your house or order. Passing the test and being accepted to serve in this type of campaign is an honorable and respected position generally supported by most factions as it most likely is in the best interest of the entire realm not just the sitting king.

Some may be here because they have something to prove, others for the coin but no matter why you are here realizing that there is strength in numbers and you will be adventuring with young-lingsf the best younglings is somewhat comforting.

Good Luck !


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