-The Unwilling Led By The Unknowing – by AC
D&D 3.5 ish

Caricature requirements
1. 3rd level D&D 3.5 ish
2. Roll stats 6×6 chart 4d6 reroll 1’s take best 3 take best line adjust stats for age, race.
3. Must have back-story including the following details
A) 2 fears, 3 desires
B) 3 top dislikes
C) 3 top likes, 1 hatred,
D) Best feature or personality trait, worst feature or personality trait
E) Worst life event, best life event.
4. Race – No celestials, daemons, gods, half gods or the like if in doubt ask me.
5. Any alignment however if you choose an extreme be prepared to find a way to work with a party. If you don’t you will get tired of making new caricatures!
6. Max gold and the like at 3rd level max ,HP roll starting 3rd level
7. Make a caricature you can roll play and have fun with
8. There are karma points in this game…..choose alignment and player interactions carefully…..karma is a bitch!
9. Have a completed caricature sheet ASAP for DM review, be creative and have fun!
10. AS the DM says often…..“YOU CAN TRY”

The Kings Hand

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